Our apologies! (Habipologies?)

You might be wondering what happened to blogs from this year’s spring break trips.  We are still in the process of collecting writing from trip participants–finals got the best of everyone!  These blogs should be posted in the coming weeks.  Other things to look forward to include updates from our last few events this year:

  • Tux & Tools banquet, where we formally introduced next year’s board
  • Schwalm-Brostrom Leadership in Service Award homily
  • Transition retreat
  • Night of Distinction
  • Habibonfire
  • Schugel-Torres family groundbreaking ceremony
  • and last but not least…THE SPRING BREAK VIDEO!

Hang tight!  We’ll update you soon.


Get on the board! Leadership positions available

Hey all!

We’re officially accepting applications for six leadership positions for next year (4 board, 2 committee).  Check out the posters, ask us about our positions, and download the application!


Here’s a description of what we’re all about:

Gustavus Habitat for Humanity is experiencing an exciting time of new energy and positive change, and we’re looking for six individuals to help us lead the next chapter of the Habitat story at Gustavus.  This year, our goals (connected, meaningful, and visible) have helped us focus on advocacy, mentoring, and reflection.  In the past year we’ve created committees and a fall break trip, attended conferences, executed a successful Act! Speak! Build! Week, strengthened our relationship with our affiliate (Habitat for Humanity of South Central MN), and continued our past work of leading spring break trips, coordinating fundraisers, and building locally.

Click here to apply!

Hope to see your application soon!

Happy Act! Speak! Build! Week!

April 14-19 is GAC Habitat’s Act! Speak! Build! Week, and we’re kicking it off today with all-you-can-eat-soup at Patrick’s on Third from 1-4 pm!  Tickets are $8 and they’ll help us fund our weeklong series of advocacy events and a shed build.  Check out the poster for other events!


Act! Speak! Build! Week goes beyond the build site as volunteers advocate for decent, affordable shelter by engaging elected officials and their community to eradicate poverty housing. Building alone cannot provide shelter for the 1.6 billion people who currently live in poverty housing. Act! Speak! Build! Week serves to educate others by expanding the scope of Habitat’s mission from raising a hammer and raising funds to include raising your voice.


Hey all!

This semester, your friends at GAC Habitat are joining the blogosphere!  (Is that actually a word?  Did I just say that?)  This year, our goals are to be connected, meaningful, and visible (collectively CMV, I’ll refer to that a lot), and this blog fits into those goals beautifully!  Last year, we started a spring break blog and we’re hoping to make it bigger and better this year!  Beyond that, though, we’d like to share more about what goes on behind the scenes with our group.  We’ll blog about events, stories, and our thoughts on the issues surrounding Habitat (poverty, homelessness, housing, the idea of home, etc).

You’ll probably hear from me often, but I think I have a few friends who are excited to contribute to this blog, too.  Maybe these kids:

IMG_2953Meet our executive board!  We just got back from our midyear retreat yesterday, and I needed to share this beautiful picture with all of you :)

I’ll be working on transferring blogs from last year over to this page, so please be patient if everything is out of order.  We’ll get there!

Can’t wait to share more, but homework calls for now!
-Tristan Richards (GAC Habitat Co-President)

Habitat spring break video!

Here’s a video I made this week about our spring break trips!  Thank you to everyone who submitted footage – this couldn’t have been made without you.

GAC Habitat for Humanity SBWT 2012


In other news…

If you’re interested in being part of the Habitat for Humanity executive board next year, applications will be coming out next Wednesday at the Wellbeing fair!  After the fair, they will be emailed to the Habitat volunteer alias and also available in the CSL.  Questions?  Email habitatboard@gustavus.edu

The Wellbeing fair will be held in Lund on Wednesday, April 25.  Stop by our table from 2:30-6 to talk to current board members and pick up an application!

Also, we will be hosting an event at Relay for Life this Saturday (April 21) at 4 a.m.  Be there or be square.

More spring break blogs are coming soon!
-Tristan Richards